I’m Jocelyn. Nice to meet you.

As an entrepreneur, I have created a number of enterprises, both large and solo. I have been engaged as a coach, business mentor, speaker and trainer in many diverse areas.

I am passionate about business and the positive service it can bring to the world. If businesses are led by conscious, joyous, owners they are creating conscious, joyous staff, happier customers, and enriched communities. My role is to bring consciousness and joy to business owners by ensuring they have been provided, not with just the will, but also the way.

I have spent my life learning and growing from personal and business experiences –  each step has taught me more about who I am and what I care about: full expression of our potentials, creativity, kindness and connection with our World, the Universe and each other. I am also an avid writer and am currently finishing my first business book.

One key mantra for me is that I always practice what I preach and virtually everything I have achieved has required overcoming barriers, fears, external adversities and insecurities. However, after over thirty years of study and implementation I can confidently attest to the fact that everything we want is possible and my life purpose is now to inspire and empower as many people as I can to live in this space, freely expressing their own potentials through joy, limitless bounty, kindness and loving connections.

My passion is to help you map the most effective journey and provide you with tools, support and insights that will both minimise your mis-steps and maximise your success.


BSc (honours) psychology   NVQ 3 (Mgmt)   Canfield Success Principles Trainer    NLP Coach and Practitioner    Time-Line Therapist    Advanced Energetic NLP Practitioner


To make the world a better place, one happier entrepreneur at a time


To help entrepreneurs and business individuals rediscover their confidence and drive so they can experience greater wealth, success and freedom


Freedom. Creativity. Honesty. Connection. Results.

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