VIP Coaching Programmes

Business Coaching programmes

You are only as good as your people.

Do you want to improve your leadership skills?
Do you want to successfully motivate and challenge your teams?

These team leadership and development coaching programmes will:

   promote productivity

  reduce turnover

  improve important skills

   engage and inspire your people

   engender commitment to your business

Coaching for leaders

Leadership and Communication Programme

Coaching for teams

Team Cohesion, Commitment Programme

Individual VIP Results Oriented Coaching

For CEOs, C Level Managers and Entrepreneurs

Coaching for Leaders

You are only as good as your people.

Your leaders are the lynch pins of your business. It is their task to successfully drive productivity and positive engagement of their teams, while supporting a consistent, forward drive toward your vision.

Leaders often get stuck in old habits or lose sight of the end goal. When this happens, the rest of the team and colleagues are affected.

This in turn usually ends up having a direct impact on your business success and workplace culture.

My VIP Leadership Programme is designed to react to the specific issues your leaders are facing. By doing this we tackle real issues and I provide tools to create strong leadership skills. We look at all aspects of being a successful leader, learning the difference between leading and managing, effective communication skills, self awareness and inclusion.

Investing in the skills and career development of your leaders will

  promote productivity
 increase profitability
 Improve culture
 increase motivation
 engage & challenge
 drive commitment
 reduce staff turnover
 decrease sick days

Coaching for teams

At some point even the best teams encounter times of discontent, disengagement, poor communication, identity issues, low productivity.

My Team Coaching Programme has been built from years of experience helping a variety of team dynamics get back to a happy and productive place.

I will work with your teams to identify and understand the triggers that are leading them to feel disengaged or demotivated so they can begin to take back responsibility for their own engagement and productivity

The programme will help your teams

Feel more valued
Have a clear development plan
Communicate better
Reengage with company culture
Improve confidence levels
Increase productivity

Individual VIP Results Oriented Coaching

For CEOs, C Level Managers and Entrepreneurs

Do you know there’s something more or something better waiting for you, but no matter what you do, or how close you seem to get, what you want always seems just out of reach? Sometimes it can feel like we are being carried in the swell of a current while our dreams simply bob alongside us. This programme provides you with a net and shows you how to walk out of that current with your dreams in your hands.

This is achieved by addressing the following key factors:


Discover the hidden drivers that have been propelling you, reconnect with your skills, talents and beauty, understand what you really want and why you really want it.


Set your targets, learning scientifically proven methods for goal setting and goal achievement. Determine the difference between breakthrough goals and aspirations, and learn how to maintain consistent action; overcoming procrastination and perfectionism.

 Accelerate and Sustain

Build your creativity and intuition. Learn the principles of neuroscience, and generate habits that will propel you.

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