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Jocelyn booked a branding photoshoot with me to update her photos on her new website and social media. Before our photoshoot we talked in depth about her coaching business and I was immediately fascinated by the topics that she was teaching and most of all by her calm and empathetic nature. At that time I was struggling with lots of changes in my personal and professional life and instinctively decided to sign up for her new "The Stuff that Matters for Business Success" program. This program helped enormously to get more clarity on who I am and who I want to be in my business, remove some blocks and especially have more confidence and self worth. It was like a 'portal' of abundance was finally opened and everything started to flow more easily. This brought me to more financial abundance in my business and more confidence and inner balance as a person. She adds a more spiritual and very deep approach to the typical business coaching style of other Life/business coaches I had in the past. Her techniques are powerful and she definitely massively influenced my perception of my business and myself in a positive way. I would recommend Jocelyn to every creative and non creative business owner, you will see a different side of you and she will help you fulfill your full potential!

Veruschka Baudo - Photographer

I can highly recommend Jocelyn. She was able to provide me with a framework to determine where my business and I were lacking at the moment and then provided me with a formula and framework to determine really what I wanted to do and what I wanted to achieve so that I could set our goals and plans in more detail. She was able to give me tools to enable me to focus on timelines and make sure each step was moving towards our goals. She does so in a very warm caring way. She's a good listener and responds really well to whatever comes up in the moment.


I highly recommend Jocelyn as a life and business coach. Our work together focused on self worth and career, relationships, money and finding purpose. Jocelyn provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations quickly, allowing your strengths to be realised and a greater sense of purpose obtained. She is worth her weight in gold.

Solopreneur - Bermuda

Jocelyn Barrie has been an absolute star helping me to find what exactly I love about what I do and my why behind it. When I hit a really tough patch, I was really down and about to give up on what most would consider a very successful business. But through Jocelyn’s insight and guidance, I became inspired again. I am now on a slightly new path, taking the best from my current business and creating exciting goals that get me out of bed and racing to start my day again. Thank you Jocelyn. I am so grateful and I cannot wait to continue my journey with you as I and my team step into new opportunities. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a transformation in both life and business. Her knowledge, honesty, warmth and compassion really come through and I looked forward to each session.


Working with Jocelyn through the Stuff that Matters for Business Success has given me more clarity and confidence in terms of starting a business and feeling worthy of it than I could possibly have imagined. This coaching journey was so complete, in terms of giving us the tools and structure needed to start a business from scratch, but also all the emotional and spiritual tools that are equally important to keep going even in moments of doubt, and feel deserving of success. I feel like I have been given knowledge and tools that will serve me for a lifetime and I am so excited to keep digging into all the information we were given, and continue to apply it on my journey towards success.

Solopreneur, Comedienne - France

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