My Journey

My First Revelation…

I have created highly successful multi-million dollar companies, mentored others, led my own trainings and devoured innumerable books and articles on business, leadership, and finance. I have completed certified courses and trainings and worked with my own consultants, mentors and coaches for over 25 years. And yet, after 15 years in business, I manifested my very own first “flop”. On so many levels, this has been my finest teacher.

Someone said,

“Sometimes, our greatest lessons cost us a lot of money.”

Let’s just say…. I learned a lot.

Something was happening during this period that I didn’t understand and my first instinct was to blame. It was because of our location, changes to parking, poor staff, and depression in the general economy … And sure, context has an impact. But, I had always overcome challenges. This was different, and I knew there was something else at play here. After recovering from shock, I became curious, and soon came to realise that… Fixing what was happening did not require processes. It required deep inquiry into the root of the problem, namely…. myself. And following a long, painful process of self-analysis, I finally exposed what I had never learned from business books, courses and consultants. The state of our businesses are integrally linked with the state of our beings.

I felt quite happy at the start, like life, post divorce, was finally coming together in this “perfect opportunity”. However, toward the end of this debacle that I could not bring to fruition, I understood. I had not opened this business from a desire to serve or share; I used it to compensate for feelings of emptiness and loss, my need for purpose, and sprinkled with some guilt and resentment for good measure. Sad perhaps, but on the other hand, and most importantly, this realisation raised the most important question: Why would this have anything to do with the success of operations, especially given all of my perfect planning systems and spreadsheets? I had followed process to no avail. And yet…. When I closed the business for five months, regrouped and then re-opened, we were suddenly a success!

In order to experience joy, financial abundance, personal fulfilment, and freedom, I had to become aware of my conscious and subconscious intentions; my motivators, my beliefs, and self perceptions. Because, without clarity and alignment, my conscious desires were being consistently and surreptitiously disrupted by my subconscious drivers.

My Business Coaching Programme helps entrepreneurs actualise their visions through intelligent strategy, consistent action, deep self awareness, creativity and connection.

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