How to Overcome Anxiety

Jul 13, 2022

Are you consumed with anxiety before a presentation or big meeting?

Lots of us are! But even the best presenters have had to learn the tricks to overcoming anxiety

If the mere thought of delivering that sales presentation, asking your boss for a promotion, or resolving a conflict makes your heart race, your palms sweat and your knees go weak… you are not alone.

I have been using these 3 methods with my clients for years. They really DO work and will help you overcome your nerves quickly and easily.

1.     Dissociate

Remember that anxiety is your body’s primal reaction to perceived danger, based on the ancient knowledge that being isolated from the group was, literally, deadly. In other words, your anxiety isn’t a reflection of you, your character or capabilities.

2.     Breathe

Let your brain know that times have changed and all is well by calming your circuitry. Engage peace and creative focus by:

1) wetting your mouth
2) stroking your shoulders
3) breathing in a 6-4-8 pattern in through the nose for 6 (breath fills below the naval) hold for 4 out slowly through pursed lips for 8 (like playing the recorder)
Count on your fingers as you breathe and repeat the pattern 4-6 times.

3.     Rehearse

Create thoughts and pictures to support your success.
Repeatedly imagine yourself:

** Before the event **  standing confidently, excited, assured and ready

** During the event **  loving being there, speaking clearly and concisely, knowing that you are creating the perfect outcome

** After the event **  feeling content, happy with the resolution and the way you were received, knowing that the other party is feeling just as happy and resoled as you are.

Remember, your mind doesn’t know the difference between an imagined and real event. So, mentally rehearse the scenario from start to finish, while reminding yourself how happy and satisfied you are with both the opportunity and the outcome. Your body will settle and you will become aligned to get the results you want.