How are you creating balance between work and life?

Apr 8, 2022

I immediately want to jump in here and get a little crazy contentious – Ready? What if this notion of work/life balance is nothing more than a buzz phrase that we have bought into without really thinking about the implications? And believe me, I have also hallowed it, coached to it, and set my goals to the mantra in the past. But, what if the mere consideration is smoke and mirrors, drawing our attention away from some real issues. 

Fundamentally, our work is one part of the myriad aspects of our existence. It is the outpouring of our living energy – ie our “life” and, thus, should not need to be balanced against it. In fact, perhaps a work/ life balance isn’t actually what we should be seeking at all. Think about it. Sometimes, we want to put more energy into one aspect of our lives over another. Starting a new Company takes a lot of time, landing on the brink of scientific discovery may keep us in the lab on weekends. And in either of these instances, does the thought of work/ life balance even come up? We also never say, I need to find a joy/ love balance or for the sporty ones, a golf/ tennis balance for example. It sounds ridiculous right? Rather, we would welcome as much as we can get, “More joy? Bring it on!” So, my question is what is behind this seemingly immense need to discuss work/ life balance? And could it be reflective of deeper issues that are easier to ignore.

For example

  1. Feeling more alive and appreciated in the office than we do at home
  2. Getting stuck in a belief that the tenth, eleventh and twelfth hour of the day is imperative to the security of the company and our position in it. That we will lose something if we aren’t first in and last out. 
  3. Existing in the wrong bloody job

This is potentially harsh, I know. But I also know that its consideration is for the highest good. Because, as alluded to above, do we actually want balance? Wouldn’t we rather live lives that are full of a predominance of joy and meaning and connection and financial abundance? What we are looking for in this instance isn’t balance at all, but wholeness. And the question to get there is completely different.

Namely: What else do I need to do, be or have in order to fully express myself in the world? 

 This requires not balance, but freedom, and freedom begins by recognising that the key to the chains that bind us are in our own gripped palms.