Allowing yourself focus away from your business makes you more efficient

May 8, 2022

You are a complex organism with a variety of needs. The purpose of this exercise is to identify the activities that will bring you joy within the entire range of your life experience. When you are engaged in any of these activities, then know you are engaged in productive rest that will inherently support and increase both efficiency and creativity at work.


As exciting as it may be to have a clear vision of the future, I want you to realise that your business is not creating a new path to a new life; but is clearing a path that already exists within the myriad of beautiful colours that you are already living. Yes, taking on new projects will shift your focus and you may choose to put your attention on this path over others at times, but your life is not something that is going to start once you reach your goals, it is happening right now, in every moment. And within that context, it is important that all aspects are embraced. 

Simply, do not put off what your body, your mind or your heart needs on some proviso that you will get back to it once your business is up and running. Because, when you fuel yourself, you are facilitating a machine that will climb higher, run faster and reach farther than you ever thought possible. 

There is an exercise regime called “rest-based training” in which you “push until you can’t” and then “rest until you can”. The rest creates a much more efficient and active metabolic response than happens when you simply push through for 25 minutes at a steady pace. This is what we are going for here. Work until you “can’t” then PLAY until you can because… 

When you allow yourself focus away from your business, you actually become more efficient on your business, primarily because the mind has been provided with space to create, problem solve and innovate.

Last year, working on my novel, it was important to sit down each day and write, but the best ideas came while walking in the woods with the dog; and I found road trips and train journeys to be particularly productive during enterprise growth. Entrepreneurship requires creativity. Creativity comes from mental freedom and mental relaxation 


Write down activities in each of the eight areas below that enrich you and make you feel good. List them all – no caveats, no judgements, no hesitations, no limitations… the most important thing is to release yourself into it and have fun!  

Body and Health (e.g. yoga, tennis, cross-fit, dance, juicing, making fresh soup…) 

Family and Romance (e.g. prioritising love, playing with my kids, sending surprise gifts…) 

Social and Community Relationships (e.g. meeting friends, volunteering, throwing parties…) 

Spiritual Connection (e.g. meditation, listening to gospel, walking in nature, energy healing..) 

Perpetuating Beauty (e.g. buying art, painting, getting a manicure, facials, body scrub …)

Pure Fun and Play (e.g. writing songs, singing, working on creative pursuits, strategy games…) 

To Rest and Recharge (e.g. salt baths, watching movies, reading thrillers, prioritising sleep…) 

Now: Review your list. Read through the activities out loud. Can you feel that big inner smile as you hear yourself say all the things that make you feel good? Great! 

Keep the list available, look at it often, add to it if you like, and embrace doing at least one thing from it every single day.