Accountability Coaching for Results

There has been substantial research to demonstrate the significant impact of accountability in goal achievement.

At Michigan University for example, individuals with meaningful accountability partners achieved 76% of their goals compared with only 43% of the others. This is a huge differential and can be further increased by ensuring that the principles of goal achievement are maintained. Therefore, this program will build on this understanding by providing:

  1. Opportunity for accountability, check ins and guidance
  2. Unlimited support for consistent progression
  3. Reiteration of the principles of goal achievement


Inevitable drift, distraction, overwhelm and excuses


Knowledge, skills, focus, and self-belief to get what you want

Sessions: Introductory get you know you session

Unlimited access to 20min laser coaching sessions for one year

One payment of £997 OR £367/ms x 3

Program Includes: Goal directed caching to maintain your skills, focus, self-belief and perpetual, consistent, forward motion toward achieving your highest vision. Ongoing support to provide you with tools to overcome your own blocks and inhibitors.

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