A (cheesy) recipe for success

Feb 8, 2022

I whipped this up (haha) ages ago and just came across it – NOT for the dairy intolerant! Very cheesy – but hopefully a useful sentiment to spark some thought… 

Gather your ingredients:

A clean, clear and compelling vision

Unwavering support

Sprinkling of patience

Generous amount of trust

Consistent conscious awareness


  1. Ensure your vision is cleaned and clarified, free from external input; including that of your family, the media or your next door neighbours. Mix it with some compelling reasons why this is the right vision for you.
  2. Place the mixture in a container of unwavering support. Find mentors, partners, friends and/ or a coach who will cheer you on and shine the light on you and your path. Surround yourself with people you admire, both virtually and in real life. Remember, we represent an average of the five people we hang out with the most. Are yours good for you? Do they support your highest potential?
  3. Cover with conscious awareness – Know that every outcome is a result of your input. Are things rising as you want them to? If not, do you need to add a few more skills? Do you need to filter out any fears, limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, poor time management?
  4. Check in every day, visioning the final product, adjusting as necessary and generously sprinkling with trust and patience.

To Finish: 

Enjoy the journey! Know that you are whisking up invigorated motivation and that this is the fuel for committed action. So, stop along the way. Taste often and share with others. Nothing will raise your success higher or faster.